EAMT 11th Annual Conference

Call for Papers

The European Association for Machine Translation organizes a major conference in Oslo, Norway on June 19 and 20, 2006. This meeting is the eleventh in a series of regular events acting as a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning all aspects of Machine Translation and computer-aids and tools for translator. The purpose of the EAMT events is to bring together users, developers and researchers to discuss the latest developments in the field.

The event will be held as a full-scale conference, with a large diversity of topics, a large number of expected participants and papers, as well as the standard kind of services provided as part of the conference environment. The conference will in particular but not exclusively focus on experiences and expectations of users of MT systems and translation aids, or CAT tools but contributions from developers, vendors, researchers and teachers will be welcomed, too (for information about previous workshops and conferences see the EAMT web site).

The Special Theme for this Conference will be

Machine Translation and Translation Aids: Tools to Increase Quality and to Save Money

including user experiences, potential user expectations, user applications incorporating MT modules, evaluation of existing and new MT systems, integration and synergy of CAT tools and MT, new approaches in computer-assisted translation (CAT) issues for developers and users of MT and translation aids quality and economic aspects of MT.

Papers demonstrating real-life applications of MT and CAT technologies are particularly welcome. However, papers relating to other aspects of MT, and other multilingual applications, will also be considered.

Papers will be presented in two different categories:

  • Oral session: papers are presented as 20–30 minute lectures, allowing for 5–10 minutes of Q&A.
  • Poster session: papers are presented as posters in the exhibition area near the conference room, with 2 or 3 poster sessions of 90 minutes each.

Electronic Submission

We invite submissions as short versions of full papers (six pages). Submissions should be uploaded electronically on or before February 15, 2006, in PDF, RTF, or plain text. There are no formatting requirements on submissions, but for final versions of accepted papers a template will be provided (11-pt, two-column, A4, with 2.5cm margins on all sides). Paper submissions need not be anonymous. All papers will be considered for both the oral and poster sessions. Notification of acceptance will be made on or before March 31, 2006, together with any comments from reviewers for revision.

Final Manuscript Versions

Final, camera-ready versions of accepted presentations should be uploaded electronically for inclusion in the proceedings before April 30, 2006. Manuscripts must not exceed ten pages, including references, and must be provided electronically in one of the following formats: PDF, DOC, RTF, or LaTeX. Any papers received after that date will not be included in the printed proceedings and will be excluded from the conference programme. Also, only papers for which at least one author has registered for the conference by April 30 will be accepted for the proceedings.

Please format the final manuscript for standard A4 paper size in two-column layout; provide a margin of 2.5 centimers on all four sides and 0.8 centimeters separation between columns. Use Adobe Times as the standard typeface throughout the manuscript, with a font size of 11pt for the body, 16pt for the title, 12pt for author names(s), affiliation(s), and email(s), and 10pt for the abstract. Format section headings in 14pt, left-aligned, boldface, with 12pt before and 6pt after space; sub-section headings should be in 12pt size, with 12 and 6pt before and after space, respectively. Bibliographic references should use author name(s) and years for in-text citations, following APA Citation Style. There should be no page numbers and running headers; these will be added by the organizing committee when compiling the conference proceedings.

If possible, please start from our sample package for LaTeX (recommended) or the format template for MS Word; consult the PDF output of the LaTeX sample for background reference. The Word template is courtesy of EAMT 2005; please consult the accompanying installation instructions.

Poster Presentations

The conference program includes ten poster presentations. There will be two slots during the conference when all posters will be on display and authors available for discussions, one in the afternoon of Monday, June 19, and another during the lunch break on Tuesday, June 20. Oral presentations, posters, and lunches are all in the same building.

Each poster presentation will have a pin board available, 80 centimeters wide and 120 centimeters tall; poster pins will be provided. Please contact the organizers in advance in case a poster presentation requires further arrangements.

Programme Committee

  • Viggo Hansen (Chair, Zacco A/S, Denmark)
  • Bente Maegaard (CST, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Margaret King (ISSCO, University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Anthony Clarke (CLS, Switzerland)
  • Doris Marty-Albisser (CLS, Switzerland)
  • Jan Tore Lønning (University of Oslo, Norway)
  • Andy Way (Dublin City University, Ireland)
  • Jeanette Ørsted (Plougmann & Vingtoft, Denmark)
  • Wolfgang Täger (EPO, Germany)
  • Harold Somers (University of Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • Gregor Thurmair (Linguatec, Germany)

Organizing Committee

Local organization is provided by the Norwegian LOGON MT consortium, coordinated at the University of Oslo.

  • Jon Holm (co-chair)
  • Lena Korsnes (co-chair)
  • Jan Tore Lønning (co-chair)
  • Stephan Oepen (co-chair)

For all organizational inquiries, please contact eamt at emmtee.net.

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